Legal Agreements

A number of students from the Faculty of Art and Design terms and conditions State University ( UNM ) persecuted members of Gowa district police motor patrol during a fundraiser at a red light terms and conditions – Makassar border, Wednesday ( 12/06/2013 ) night.

As a result of the incident, two students, Rahmat Hidayat and Muhammad Fadli and a student, Ning, of the department of dance and music drama ( terms and conditions ) UNM injured.

Violence committed the police began when the student was singing in order to raise funds for student activities at the scene. Suddenly terms and conditions Police motor patrol group that rode on three motorcycles and went to the students.

Due to being yelled at, the students immediately scattered. Naas, Ning foot was stepped on by one of these people. While Grace and Fadli secured and taken to the Traffic Police post in terms and conditions Sultan Hasanuddin of Gowa.

Inside the post, Grace and Fadli beaten with his own guitar.”I was taken to the post and then in front of noodles Titi in terms and conditions. Moment I was hit with a guitar that I use singing. Been beaten, I was told to go home,”I Rahmat.

Word Ari Subekti, Chairman of the Student Association Faculty of Arts and Design terms and conditions condemned and urged police chief to investigate the actions of the police officers who had persecuted terms and conditions colleagues.