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Investing in a Gas Powered Air Compressor

Even though a large portion of air compressors are run with an electric motor, gas powered air compressors are becoming increasingly popular.  Some of the industries that prefer gas over electric air compressors include manufactures that produce and deal with food, chemicals, plastics, and fabricated metals.  There are two main components of air compressors, which include the compressing mechanism and the power source (electrical or gas).

Benefits of investing in a gas air compressor
  • It’s cheaper than electric powered air compressors- It is less expensive to run gas air compressors because they reduce power demand and electric energy consumption.
  • Reduce the amount of money that your business spends on backup power equipment costs- Having gas powered air compressors can reduce the amount of money you spend on backup power equipment costs.  Batteries can be used to run the majority of the system startups.  Therefore, they do not require AC power or backup power systems.  This can save you and your business a significant amount of money in backup equipment costs.  When businesses use both gas and electric powered compressors, they can diversify their equipment and lower their risks.  The company can use additional electricity or gas, depending on the current rate.
  • More efficient during part-load use- While electrically run air compressors lose efficiency when they are operating at a 60-70% capacity, gas run air compressors perform well during part-time use.  A benefit of using gas air compressors is that they have the ability to run at a high level of efficiency (even when they are running as low as a 60% full load).  If you are someone who is worried about efficiency, you will prefer a gas over electric compressor.
  • Save energy- A surprising statistic about electrical powered air compressors is that they can account for up to 30% of a company’s electrical bill.  Owners and managers know that electricity can cost your business thousands of dollars each month.  The money that you save on your electricity bill could be put towards marketing or sales.  You don’t want to waste your money on unnecessary electricity charges and fees.
  • Portability- A large portion of gas compressors are portable.  When you are in the middle of a project or need to get something done, there’s no comparison to having the ability to maneuver and move.  If your business requires a multi-stage compressor, you should choose a gas powered air compressor. It’s the best portable air compressor have the ability to meet the power demands.
Potential drawbacks about associated with gas compressors
  • Higher up-front costs- It is more expensive to install gas compressors than it is to install electric compressors.  However, the gas powered air compressor has the ability to save your business a significant amount of money.  You’ll spend less money on your electrical bill, emergency equipment, and maintenance fees.  It is estimated that owners will get a payback on their investment within two to four years.
  • Cleaning- You might have to clean the gas tanks every once and a while.  This could be a problem for someone who is looking for a low maintenance product.

In conclusion, it is beneficial to invest in a gas powered air compressor.  The cost will easily pay for itself within two to four years.  They are durable, can help lower the cost of your electric bill, and have the ability to be efficient during part-time load.


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