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Head of local RT, Simon, guess cause fire due to a short circuit @listri.”Shorting due to a deletion richest man before,”he said.

Citizens whose house burned visible keep goods @Joram roadside near the fire location. Some are sitting dazed, some of which are still busy searching pacing items can be saved, assisted by firefighters.

KPK day will conduct an inspection of @Pertamina President Director Karen @Agustiawan. This examination is rescheduling, because Karen can not attend the previous calling.

“True, 7 November @Pertamina President Director Karen examined as a witness in the case SKK Migas with RR suspect,”KPK spokesman Johan Budi said when contacted on Wednesday ( 11/06/2013 ) night.

Migas SKK bribe case it turns out ‘ nudging ‘ of many who become actors in the energy sector, so that KPK investigators need to do the confirmation. Pertamina President Director Karen Agustiawan be confirmed as related to the activities in the oil and gas sector.

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